Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Do not drink alcohol or smoke while on the mission. Kenyans will recognize you as Methodist missionaries. In the Kenyan church, there is NO SMOKING OR DRINKING. We are their guests and will follow their rules.

Do not photograph anyone without their consent. Some consider it “stealing their soul.”

Do not show disrespect for authority.

Don’t take the President’s picture, or any other leaders.

Do not photograph any government or military building, vehicle, etc.

Do not make a show of your wealth anywhere.

Do not EVER give away money.

Do not exchange money on the black market.

Do not take or buy any drugs.

Do not wear any suggestive clothing (no shorts except while on safari, and no short dresses or skirts). Wear a swimsuit only at the swimming pool at the Lodge.

Do not make promises to anyone you can’t keep. We can pray with them for specific needs and let local leaders understand our concern about the problems.

Do not be upset to see men holding hands. This is acceptable in Kenya and does not mean sexual preference.

Do try to learn the greetings in Swahili and use them.

Do shake hands if one is extended to you.

Do try new foods. Smile and say thank you as you at least try one bite. It is rude to refuse food if you are a guest.

Do stand up if the flag and anthem are presented.

Do keep an open mind. Absorb all you can from the culture, people, smells and sounds. God is here also. Go with the understanding that our culture should not and will not be used as criteria for judgment.

Do participate with the people. You will be blessed a hundred times over as you get to know the people of Kenya personally.


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